Alien 9 2023-03-27

It's cute and it's disturbing.

Watch as three six graders depend their school against invading aliens... that would have been the best way to summarize it, except it is almost completely wrong. What this series is about exactly is very difficult to explain. My best guess is that this series is about fear.

First episode was actually pretty cute and mostly pleasant to watch. The remaining episodes all left me in a very shocked state, unable to fathom how they will manage to make more of this. When it finally ended, it wasn't just shocking to see who was dead or who was alive... I am not even sure who is alive anymore.

The character design is cute and the music is excellent. I have seen it over and over and would definitely recommend it to others, who are prepared to watch it.

Those who are really prepared to know exactly what happened ought to read the manga, since the anime was definitely cut off at a bad place. Everything were explained (or can be better deducted) by reading the manga. Arguably it's more disturbing than the anime though, if you are not into body modifications and things.

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