Chevalier 2023-03-27

Proof of lost gain effect.

When the new script writer took over the second half of Fafner, there was a camp of people saying that the series was great since the very beginning, and another camp that says the series feels enjoyable in comparison because it was so bad for the first half. With Chevalier, the latter camp appears to be telling the truth, since the same script writer was there from the beginning, there was nothing to be "lost", and no "gain" to be had watching it through the end.

That said, like all other series here, I did watch the series all the way to the end. The historical aspects of it were somewhat interesting, and the animation quality was decent. But some of the plot twists appears quite redundant, and the series had the same bad habit from Fafner of killing off characters. In the end, it wasn't a series that I wanted to watch again.

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