Kill La Kill 2023-03-07

Clothes make the civilization.

Very fast paced anime about clothes and world domination. Both the look and dialogues are reminiscent of old school anime from the 90s and earlier. The overarching plot of how clothes influence civilization and this planet seems original, but actually that has already been done by the "Cloth Road" manga many years before. In short, despite being very different from other series broadcasting around the same time, this anime might have been the most unoriginal series of the time.

That said, unoriginal does not mean bad, and definitely does not mean bland or boring when it comes to this series. The effect is wholly intentional, the makers of this series really wanted to resonate with the older audiences and appeal to what they always wanted -- old school anime from the good old days done with a high budget. This series has been has been very successful in this regard, and is definitely worth watching.

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