Nadia 2022-03-13

Gainax's best work, but still Gainax.

Human battle against old Atlantis technology.

The entire story is quite complicated, being that it was based on the epic "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea" (complete with captain Nemo and Nautilus submarine). The anime has quite a bit of twist and turns, interesting plot developments, and insights into human nature itself. Anyone committed to watch all 39 episodes of it will be rewarded with more content than most average anime.

This is probably Gainax's work... that being said, it's still Gainax. Ever since Evangelion, I have been avoiding Gainax like plague, who has (in my humble opinion) the bad habit of attracting the audiences in early episodes, and then completely mess with their brains later. My experience with Nadia (which predates Evangelion) has been better than average Gainax, and I was truly looking forward to finishing the last two episodes. The ending was fine, but Gainax had to put in those recycled frames and elevator music moments with no animation. Oh I tremble with anger...

After some serious thinking, I would still recommend people to watch this series at least once. It is very interesting and a lot better than Evangelion after all ^_^;;

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