Seraphim Call 2023-03-07

Find your own angel.

Story of 11 girls in the same city.

This is a most different collection of stories. Each episode are independent, and presents the personality of one girl through various different styles. All episodes are cleverly directed, some reminiscent of Perfect Blue, while others have strange paradoxes and such. Hence I say "most different", and not typical of most anime in existence.

I really enjoyed this series ^_^ Each episode follows an interesting personality, present it in very subtle ways and end with a punchline.

Music was fairly decent too, although hardly noticeable since you will be paying too much attention to people's expressions. I especially liked the opening song, "Pray", sung by Sasaki Yuuko (who also did the opening song for Himiko Den, "Pure Snow"). Each episode ends with a different song. I was hoping that Sasaki Yuuko sings the ending song for #12, but I guess what turned out was decent too :)

This is definitely a series worth watching...

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