Tari Tari 2023-03-27

Musical, rebellion, etc., etc.

This series has a lot of themes but didn't really go into any one of them at depth. There are bits about amateurs creating and enjoying music, but Keion already did that and did it better. Then there is the plot of students rebelling against a greater oppression to have their school festival, but Manabi Straight already did that and did it better. And there are characters including nice-figure archer and horse rider, one-man badminton player and singer... The content is true to the meaning of "tari tari", but I think it's just trying too hard, and not really getting it. All that's said, I did watch the series all the way to the end, because the animation quality was great, even if everything else was just average. I don't think anything is lost by not watching it though.

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