Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou 2023-03-07

No plot whatsoever?

Life of a robot missing her owner, running a shop that no one visits.

Of the few people that have seen this series, most of them become sore confused. There was hardly any dialog, and actually nothing much happened. Various rumors claim that more episode were in the making, but eventually scrapped due to lack of interest :P

It is true that almost nothing happened in the two episodes, but it is still very beautifully done. It was not to the point where you would fell asleep watching it. In fact, it left the audience very intrigued, probably wanting to go back and watch it again and realize that really, nothing happened ^_^;;

I actually saw them over and over quite a few times, and was very happy with the visuals and music. If you can appreciate that, you can appreciate any non-hot blooded non-action anime :) Sony has released a newer version, maybe that will be more exciting...

Also known as "Yokohama Shopping Log".

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