Arle (2019-12-15)

Puyo Puyo simulator.

Arle is a text-based Puyo Puyo simulator.  Run without arguments and
use arrow keys or VI keys to play:

   Left    move block left.
   Right   move block right.
   Up      rotate block clockwise.
   Down    drop block.
   Q       quit.

Unlike regular Puyo Puyo that might go on forever, all games will end
after 100 blocks have been dropped.  The goal is to obtain the maximum
score given the finite number of blocks.  There is no time limit to
dropping any block, so you are encouraged to take your time in placing
each block.

To play a specific seed (as opposed to a random seed), run with an
extra integer argument to specify the seed number.

   ruby arle.rb <seed>

To play a specific seed in non-interactive mode, run with two

   ruby arle.rb <seed> <vi keys>

This second form is also printed at the end of each game, allowing you
to watch the game you have just played.  Alternatively, you can give
the seed number to the included "solve" utility, and it will produce a
suitable set of keys for that particular seed.

You will Ruby 2.1.5p273 or later, and a terminal with reasonable ANSI
color support.  xterm variants are known to work on Linux, mintty on
cygwin also works just fine.

Template is based on Arle Nadja from Puyo Puyo.

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