GLUT 3.7 (2003-05-12)

Compiled version of the glut32 binaries for windows people.

Original is available here:

Too many people (myself included) have trouble running / compiling
Glut programs on windows, so I decided to include the binaries here.

For win98/me, place glut32.dll in \windows\system.  For winnt/2k,
place glut32.dll in \winnt\system32.  To compile, replace your local
glut.h and glut.lib with the ones included here before compiling.  If
there is any problems, you should get the original sources and compile
them yourself.

For Linux people, none of these applies to you.  Most distributions
already came with glut libraries ^_^  If your distribution don't have
them, you can use MesaGL (

-- -