Houraijin (2009-05-17)

Reply generator.

Don't you wish that everyone always agrees with everything?  Kaguya
does just that, and generates lots of positive replies automatically.
For example:

   echo "ed is the best text editor." | perl

This produces outputs like:

   looks good to me!

   On Sun May 17 14:25:23 2009, Udonge wrote:
   > word!
   > On Sun May 17 14:20:17 2009, Tewi wrote:
   >> GREAT!
   >> On Sun May 17 14:14:38 2009, Eirin wrote:
   >>> Agreed!
   >>> On Sun May 17 14:13:19 2009, Teruyo wrote:
   >>>> ed is the best text editor.

Perhaps you don't want lots of positive remarks, but would prefer lots
of negative flames instead.  Mokou will do just that:

   echo "what you get is what you get" | perl

If you just want lots of replies (neither positive nor negative, just
lots of replies), Eirin will do that:

   echo "?" | perl

Kaguya, Mokou, and Eirin are all written in Perl, and needs a few
extra packages to run.  If anything is missing, you won't get any
output.  You can check that all required libraries are available by
running something like this:

   perl -e 'use Compress::Zlib;use Text::Wrap;'

Eirin requires a bit extra (and your locale will need to be set to UTF-8):

   perl -e 'use Compress::Zlib;use Text::WrapI18N;'

Based on Kaguya, Mokou, and Eirin from Touhou Eiyashou.

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