IFS (2003-11-19)

OpenGL iterated fractals.

Left click and drag changes stuff, right click brings up a menu (which
emulates the keyboard commands).  Extra last minute features are
available through command line, do 'ifs --help' for details.

Thanks to the goodness of OpenGL, the source is portable across
platforms.  By spending enough time playing with the libraries and
stuff, you too can get it compiled and running on Sun/SGI
workstations, even if you are not root.  Doesn't necessary run any
better, but just the fact that you *can* beats the hell out of
Direct3D ^_^x

Program saves state in current directory on exit.  The savestate file
is not portable.

11/19/03: A new version after two years of idleness... this version
adds various commands to facilitate editing rules and toggleable
display density (speed/quality tradeoff).  Full documentation is in

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