Kanna (2013-06-09)

Get image size and generate test image.

Kanna measures the size of bitmap images, and prints the sizes in
decimal to stdout.

If command line arguments are specified, Kanna will process each file
and output <width> <height> <filename> to stdout, one line per file.

   ./kanna <images...>

If no arguments are specified, Kanna will read from stdin, and output
width and height to stdout.  No file name will be included in this

   cat <image> | ./kanna

Kanna supports these formats: GIF, PNG, JPEG, PBM, PGM, PPM, PAM.

If input is not a supported format, or if input is unreadable for any
reason, Kanna will output "0 0" to stdout.

Kanna can also be used as a PBM generator.  Run with Perl to produce
images of the desired size (default is 64x64, minimum size is 3x3):

   perl kanna.c 1024 768 > 1024x768.pbm
   perl kanna.c > 64x64.pbm

Based on Makino Kanna from "Tamako Market".

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