Cirno + Akyuu (2008-09-19)

Binary <-> base90 encoder.

Cirno is a binary to base90 encoder, encoding from stdin to stdout.
Akyuu is the corresponding base90 to binary decoder.  They can be used
together to transmit binary data as text.

   % ./cirno < orig.bin > data.txt
   % cat data.txt

   % ./akyuu < data.txt > new.bin
   % diff -s orig.bin new.bin
   Files orig.bin and new.bin are identical

This intermediate text will contain only printable characters, so they
can be copied across terminals.  Basically they work just like
uuencode and uudecode, but with much better space efficiency (60 bytes
per line instead of 45 bytes).

Cirno and Akyuu are implemented in Perl.  For efficiency, executables
compiled from C sources are also included.  The Perl and C versions
are identical, except slight differences in trailing newlines.

Template based on Cirno and Hieda Akyuu from Touhou series.

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