Lain (2000-08-11)

Random program generator.

Lain produces useless obfuscated programs formatted to a user supplied
template.  i.e. it lets you do what I have been doing for a long time
but with a lot less effort ;)

To work it, pipe it an input file, e.g.
   lain < lain.c > output.c

and output.c should resemble the layout of lain.c.  It won't be a
perfect match, and doesn't work with tabs and some other files.  The
output code is guaranteed to be free of syntax errors, infinite loops,
seg faults, illegal characters, etc, etc.  It will take input from
command line and output some random string.

Now, the output program doesn't do much.  Then again, if it does then
I would be out of business, wouldn't it?  "Why don't you write a
program that generate random 3D raytracers..."  yeah right.

Template based on Iwakura Lain from Serial Experiments Lain.

-- -