Youmu + Yuyuko (2007-07-14)

Double polyglot quine.

To fully enjoy this package, you will need something like gcc:

- Compile as C to get youmu.c on stdout:

   gcc -ansi youmu.c -o youmu
   gcc -ansi yuyuko.c -o youmu
   ./youmu > youmu.c

- Compile as C++ to get yuyuko.c on stdout:

   g++ -ansi youmu.c -o yuyuko
   g++ -ansi yuyuko.c -o yuyuko
   ./yuyuko > yuyuko.c

Tested with:
 - GCC 2.96/i686
 - GCC 3.4.4/cygwin
 - GCC 4.1.0/i686
 - GCC 4.1.1/x86_64

"gcc -ansi" is required (not just "gcc").  Doesn't compile with MSVC.

C is the language of humans, and C++ is the language of youkai.

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