Minazuki (2002-07-07)

Simple messaging application.

Minazuki takes two arguments: first is the remote host (name or IP),
second is the port.  Both sides should agree on the same port.

Minazuki is a utility similar to the 'talk' or 'ytalk' command in
Unix: it lets two users communicate to each other, possibly remotely.
Clients on both ends will try to connect to the other side first, and
if the other client is not yet available, first instance that starts
will be the server listening for incoming connections.

Input/output are line based.  That is, you don't send anything until
you entered a newline.  To end the connection, send EOF through
console (CTRL+D in Linux, or CTRL+Z followed by newline in Windows).
Often the program doesn't exit cleanly, and all you see is a blank
line when the remote client closed connection.  Press CTRL+C to exit
in that case.

Two sources are available:
	minazuki-win32.c for Windows people,
	minazuki-linux.c for everyone else.

Template is based on Rokumatsuri Minazuki (Minaduki) from Happy Lesson
^_^ Minazuki doesn't get enough screen time in it, unfortunately.  The
anime is very good though, good fun, good animation, good

-- -