Misaka (2013-10-01)

Concatenate files horizontally or vertically.

Misaka is a horizontal file concatenation utility:

   gcc misaka.c -o horizontal_cat
   ./horizontal_cat files... > output

Unlike Unix cat, running horizontal_cat with zero arguments generates
no output (instead of implicitly reading from stdin).  To read from
stdin, specify "-" explicitly.  Specifying "-" multiple times will
cause stdin to be duplicated.

To concatenate files vertically, first build the vertical utility by
concatenating misaka.c horizontally:

   ./horizontal_cat misaka.c misaka.c > misaka2.c
   gcc misaka2.c -o vertical_cat

vertical_cat handles arguments the same way as horizontal_cat: zero
arguments means no output, multiple "-" duplicates stdin.

Misaka has been awarded "most catty" for the 22nd IOCCC.  See
source/remarks.txt for more complete documentation.

Based on Misaka imouto from "Toaru Kagaku no Railgun".

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