Mobuko (2016-11-24)

Message digest utility.

Mobuko generates digests for a set of files, such that each file is
given a unique and memorizable digest.  To generate digests:

   perl [input_files] > digest.txt

To verify digests:

   perl -c digest.txt

To verify digest for a single file:

   perl -c 'digest_text' file

Uniqueness is only guaranteed for the files that are specified on the
input, and are not globally unique.  What Mobuko does is actually
computing the MD5 for each file, throw away most of the bits and
keeping only ~12 bits that would uniquely identify individual files
within the input set, and then generate a string from those bits.

This is useful, for example, if you are running a programming contest
and want to assign a unique and memorizable identifier to each entry
you have received based only on file content.

Template based on Sonota Mobuko from "Tesagure!  Bukatsumono".

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