Nuko (2018-02-10)

Text rotater.

Nuko is a tool for rotating text 90 degrees counterclockwise, reading
from stdin and writing to stdout.

By applying this tool to Nuko itself, three additional programs are

- Applied once (90 degrees): produce tool that reads text from stdin
  and writes rotated text to stdout.  Output is rotated 90 degrees
  clockwise (instead of counterclockwise like the original tool).

- Applied twice (180 degrees): produce a program that writes a message
  to stdout.

- Applied three times (-90 degrees): produce a tool that reads text
  from stdin and writes the same text to stdout, with leading
  whitespaces removed from each line.

By combining the text rotaters and whitespace removers, it's possible
to extract up to 9 additional messages out of Nuko.  How this is done
is left as an exercise to the reader.

Based on Nuko from Girls' Last Tour.

-- -