Rishu (2001-06-17)

Remove comments from C source files.

Read from stdin and write to stdout.

rishu.c contains sources for both C and Perl.  The two versions are
_almost_ functionally equivalent, but not quite.  Notably, if rishu.c
is is given as input, the C version works as expected, but the Perl
version removed comments inside quoted strings as well.  Because of
correctness and speed, you almost always want to use the C version (to
my credit, rishu.c is the only file I found so far that fails).

To have output that is size equivalent to the input, the end of line
sequence in input file must match that of the operating system.  C
version is dependent on the ASCII character set.

Anyone who tries to obfuscate regular expressions is clearly insane.

Template based on Rishu from Mamotte Shugogetten.

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