Yuriko / Nozomi (2006-02-26)

Remove comments / code.

Specify file names on command line, or run without arguments to filter
stdin.  Output is always written to stdout.

Yuriko filters code from input, writing comments to output and adds
line numbers on the side.  This is useful to run spell checker on code
documentation, for example.

Nozomi filters comments from input, writing only code to the output.
In other words, an utility to decrease code readability instead of
helping it, just the opposite of what Yuriko does.

Both Yuriko and Nozomi detect file format automatically by scanning
for comment-like strings in the first 5 lines.  Supported formats are:
 - C/C++/Java (always assumed if format can't be inferred)
 - OCaml
 - Python (other shell like languages are somewhat compatible)
 - Scheme (also compatible with some assemblers)

nozomi.c and yuriko.c are essentially the same source, mode of
operation is selected at compile time by the source file name.  Rename
nozomi.c to yuriko.c and you will get a code filtering utility and
vice versa.

Template based on Shiina Nozomi and Yagami Yuriko from Sanarara.

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