Sinon (2014-10-18)

Game of optimization and timing.

Sinon is a timing-based game.  Compile, run and pipe the output to a C
file, then compile that output.  Do this repeatedly until the end of
the game is reached.

   cp sinon.c run.c

   gcc -O2 run.c && ./run | tee run.c
   gcc -O0 run.c && ./run | tee run.c

Compiler optimization determines which weapon is fired, and compile
timestamp determines how much each weapon has cooled off.  Firing too
quickly causes the weapon to jam, firing too slowly will cause time to
run out before all enemies can be eliminated, so you need to time and
mix compiler invocations just right to win.

That, or just run the game in demo mode:

   perl sinon.c | bash

Sinon has been awarded "Best choice of optimization" for the 23rd IOCCC.

Based on Asada Shino from Sword Art Online.

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