Tetris 1.@ (1999-09-09)

The one puzzle game.

Executables:    system clock version (18.2fps)
                 recommended for windowed mode.   vsync version (60/70fps)
                 recommended for fullscreen mode.

   Left             move block left.
   Right            move block right.
   Down             drop block to floor if not already there, or
                    stop block from moving if it's already at the floor.
   Pause            pause program.
   Esc              Stop program (press keys again to exit).
   Most other keys  Rotate block.

Sources for both nasm 0.98 and tasm 4.0 are included.
Program is assembled with nasm 0.98.

On July 12, 2001, some 3am in the morning, I decided to port this
thing to nasm, since I don't have tasm anymore and nasm is every way
superior anyway.  So I did, and I disassembled the whole thing with
debug, examined it byte by byte, manually added all the prefix and
stuff until the nasm binary is of exact same sizes as the tasm binary.
That's one hell of a way to spend my day off ^_^;;

Bystander: Why did you create such monster?
Mad scientist: Because I can!

-- -