Air 2023-03-27

Faithful to the original.

Carefully animated and directed, and totally faithful to the original game. Most of the anime matches the original game scene for scene, from the screen layout to the dialogs. The background music were also taken directly from the game, although every now and then the music skips a bit, as if to remind us how much the anime has skipped over to fit all of the original story to 12 episodes. Starting with a near perfect story, adding to it smooth and colorful animation, made this a totally must-watch series. I would encourage even those who have not played the original Air to watch this series. Maybe this anime can be a good starting point for bishoujo games ^_^;

So successful was the 12 episodes + 1 recap, that 2 extra episodes were made. These covers the "summer" part of Air, keeping mostly the happy scenes, before the story got too serious. These two episodes were especially the best of Air, and ends the series on a much more positive note. Highly recommended.

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