Aoi Bungaku 2023-03-07

New classic.

Animated versions of six classic literatures. Of the six stories that were animated:

"No Longer Human" is closest to the original.

"Beneath the Cherry Blossoms" had the best pace.

"Kokoro" had the most interesting perspective.

"Run, Melos!" had the most positive ending.

"The Spider's Thread" and "Hell Screen" are almost entirely anime originals.

Each story is worked on by different staff members, the only thing in common between all episodes seems to be the main male character's voice. Any individual segment should be interesting to watch to both people who are familiar with the original works and those who are less familiar.

Because most of the originals were written during times of war, they tend to be depressing one way or another, although they should still be worth watching at least once.

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