Cowboy Bebop 2023-03-27

It's not just the music and graphics, it's the style.

Strange collection of people going around universe as bounty hunters.

This is the anime of all anime, definitely one of the best. The graphics are great and the music is excellent... but the main thing, the story, and the scripts, are far superior than most anything in existence ;)

Watch it for the action, watch it for the punchlines, or watch it just because it's different. And then, watch it all again and you will still find it new and enjoyable ^_^

To me, there seemed to be a constant theme running through the Bebop series (and also through the movie), and that is "Life sucks". That the ending song to each episode would have something like "life isn't too bad if it's only once", and that the final ending song having similar lyrics is somewhat a testament. Cowboy Bebop can be funny at times, but it's really pretty sad and dark if you think about it.

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