Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko 2023-03-07

The earth is being targeted.

It was a line in the first episode. But after the first episode, practically nothing happened. The characters are all cute and interesting and all, so the series is quite pleasant to watch, but then absolutely nothing extraordinary happened... until the very last episode. Watching the series again after seeing the last episode yields a whole new perspective.

The main draw of this series, besides the interesting characters, is that as you watch it, you wonder if there are really things like aliens or super powers and such, and it's not really obvious whether something will happen or if it's just all normal. This is mostly cleared up at the last episode, but it does take quite a bit of patience to reach this long awaited punchline. If you have the patience, this series is worth watching once for the interesting characters. But overall, story-wise, it's not quite worth the time.

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