Hyouka 2023-03-07

Curious mystery.

This series differentiates itself from others in at least two aspects: multiple cute heroine with great personalities, and meta discussions on the mystery genre itself. The first aspect is easily appreciated, and Kyoto Animation has done an excellent job of animating all the intricate movements, as expected.

The second aspect is a lot more subtle, and perhaps a greater source of satisfaction: in a lot of mysteries, the reader more or less takes the role of the detective and tries to solve the puzzle along with the characters. In Hyouka, there appears to be a lot more focus on treating the reader as the reader, and analyze the puzzles with an additional dimension on literary value ("will Chitanda be satisfied with this answer?") After watching this series, you will likely gain a new perspective on the mystery genre in general. And it's this meta mystery aspect that makes this series so great, making it worth watching again.

The series appears to have ended in a curious place, it would be great to have a sequel!

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