Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho 2023-03-07

Parallel dream world.

"The promised place on the other side of the clouds." The creators had their own translated title as "The place promised in our early days." This place is the main topic of the movie, this tower that may link to a parallel universe, one which is the dream of the present universe... just for grasping the concept will probably get you to watch this movie at least twice. That and it was beautifully drawn and the atmosphere was well done. Imagine Hoshi no Koe as a movie but more down to earth, and there you have it ^_^;

Done (mostly) by the same person who did Hoshi no Koe (Shinkai Makoto). Might be funny to read through the end credits just to count how many times his name showed up. Very well done.

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