Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru 2023-03-07

Lost in translation.

More like, lost in commercialization. Not as bad as Tsukihime, but definitely lost some luster from the original game. Before the broadcast, the series made quite an uproar by announcing the complete replacement of all voice actresses, obviously so that StarChild can profit from merchandising with own staff. While the new cast (Horie Yui and all) did their best in performing their roles, they simply couldn't recreate the original atmosphere. Also, possibly because of broadcast time constraints, certain events were rewritten while others were completely cut (Ichiko's pool scene, for example).

For those who have not played the original game, the animation quality is decent and the plot is somewhat interesting, so it might be worth watching. For those who have, my recommendation is to stay away, it's not the same experience.

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