Puni Puni Poemi 2023-03-27

This is so wrong.

Mahou shoujo anime, with the main character aiming to become a voice actress and defend the earth at the same time.

When they first came out with Excel Saga, the series was aired past midnight, and they figured they can have quite a bit of liberty with the series. They did, and it turn out quite interesting ("fluke" is what people would say). On comes this sequel, released in OAV format, giving the producers more control over content than should be legally allowed. So this OAV has every nasty bit you can imagine (though not quite as disgusting as Urayasu Tekkin Kazoku)

The first episode is actually quite good, with references to Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and even Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. The opening song (life action/anime mix) still amuses me to no ends. The second episode is just wrong :P

If you needed more Excel Saga, watch the first episode. The second episode has no continuity in it anyways.

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