Wind - a breath of heart 2023-03-07

Everyone assimilated to the wind.

Somewhat mysterious story about a city where people have magical powers. From this angle it sounds like Da Capo, except that there are lots more sad endings in stock for Wind.

The TV series is pretty well done, many of the game's music got remixed into the TV version, and the CG animated backgrounds are pretty catchy. But not all of the episodes were broadcasted (feels like something missing between #11 and #12, and something definitely happens after #13). I am told that the DVD version (with these missing episodes) follow a different scenario where Minamo is the main heroine, whereas Hikari took the spotlight if you watch only the TV episodes. For what I got to see, it was worth watching ^_^

Based on the game "Wind - A Breath of Heart", made by Minori. Short 13 minute episodes broadcasted together with HaniHani.

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