Yosuganosora 2023-03-27

Hardcore incest.

Based on the eroge of the same name. Unlike most other such series, most of the adult scenes were kept. It's fairly explicit if you watch the version broadcasted on AT-X, slightly censored on BS11. And there is also an incest theme running throughout, similar to Koikaze but a lot more intense. This is not a series for the close minded.

Social issues aside, the series is very well animated, the characters are beautifully drawn, and the background music fits in very well. Also unlike most other eroge-turned anime series, this one opted for multiple endings instead of a single unified storyline (similar to Memories Off), which worked out quite well. The parallel Motoka short episodes that follows every regular episode is also very well done, with a catchy ending song that summarizes the whole series. All in all, it's a series well worth watching at least once.

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