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2023-03-01: added ange/charlotte/dorothy/beatrice/chise to code
2022-03-13: fixed broken links
2021-02-09: added aoba to code
2020-09-21: added miko to code
2020-07-14: added mile to code
2020-05-25: added maple and syrup to code
2019-12-15: added arle to code
2019-11-14: moved archive
2019-07-21: added violet to code
2018-10-29: added tina to code
2018-05-06: added nuko to code
2017-12-16: added serval/tsuchinoko to code
2016-11-24: added mobuko to code
2016-02-29: added fuuko to code
            added trick2015 to downloads
2015-07-15: added kosaki to code
2015-07-14: added sinon to code
2014-07-18: added yoshino/yoshinon/zadkiel to code
2014-03-22: added neptune to code
2014-01-01: added misaka to code
2013-06-09: added kanna to code
2012-12-01: added 23 images to gallery
2012-11-05: added rikka to code
2012-10-17: added nyaruko to code
2012-06-23: added hazuki to code
2012-04-17: added akari/chinatsu to code
2011-12-16: fixed nagisa
2011-11-08: added schierke to code
2011-08-29: added victorique to code
            added archive browser
2011-07-31: updated homura
2011-07-03: fixed sha1sum
2011-07-02: added homura to downloads
2010-07-18: added anri to code
2010-01-09: added kazari to code
2009-10-05: added koyomi to code
2009-05-17: added kaguya/mokou/eirin to code
2008-12-28: added lily to code
            added sample output for opengl/postscript programs
2008-11-29: added udonge/tewi to code
2008-10-05: fixed aspect ratio
2008-09-19: added cirno/akyuu to code
            streamlined jpeg postprocessing
2008-07-28: added kanata/konata to code
2008-04-29: added maka to code
2008-01-06: added dango to wallpapers
2007-12-24: added nagisa to code/pictures
2007-11-05: added keine to downloads
2007-07-14: added youmu/yuyuko to code
            added links to info files from code
2006-10-24: added aya to code/pictures
            cleaned up links a bit
2006-06-25: added ichijou to code
            added chii to downloads
2006-02-26: added nozomi/yuriko to code/pictures
2006-01-16: added natsume to code/pictures
            cleaned up dead links for anime_reviews
2005-12-04: added hisui/kohaku to code/pictures
            updated links / about
2005-08-08: added black and white images to pictures
            added yuno to code/pictures
2005-05-30: added natsumi/l to code/pictures
            added yuuko to pictures
2005-01-07: added nanoka to programs
2004-11-30: added ichika to code/pictures
            re-rendered wallpapers
2004-11-04: added miharu to wallpapers
2004-09-15: updated resume
            new archive comment
2004-05-09: updated resume
2004-04-15: layout update
            added yumi/rinia/yume to code/pictures
            added akidora to wallpapers
2003-12-01: added sanada/sugar to code/pictures
            updated ifs
2003-09-16: added karen/miina to code/pictures
2003-07-26: updated gallery
            generator script bugfixes
2003-07-11: added kiku to code/pictures
            updated links
2003-06-08: automated archive signatures
            added el to programs
            separated wallpaper build log from main build log
            updated links
2003-04-02: now hosted on ^_^
2003-03-06: unified configuration
            added shia to code/pictures
            added hashire_merosu to wallpapers
2003-01-26: antialiased leaf icons
            added more references for downloading rar/zip
2003-01-12: initial version