Code T-Shirts

These used to be sold as T-shirts or mousepads, but the store that sold them stopped carrying these items. Since I wasn't planning on making money by selling T-shirts anyways, if anyone want to print those T-shirts on their own, archives of the original images used for printing are linked below.

Chiyo (462K)
chiyo back chiyo front
Minazuki (498K)
minazuki back minazuki front
Yomiko (559K)
yomiko back yomiko front
Inuyasha (101K)
inuyasha back inuyasha front
Belldandy (183K)
belldandy back belldandy front
Shinobu (1483K)
shinobu back shinobu front
Ruri (250K)
ruri back ruri front

(listed in reverse chronological order of when they were made available)