Belldandy (2001-03-18)

SHA1 calculator.

Belldandy runs SHA1 on file given as command line argument, and
produces the 160bit message digest on stdout.  Functionally similar to
md5sum and crc-32 but much more collision resistant (i.e. more

belldandy.c works with gcc and msvc on little-endian machines (e.g.
x86).  For big-endian machines, try belldandy-sparc.c

Belldandy's output has been verified with the examples in FIPS 180-1
and the output of sha1sum provided in textutils-2.0.11-7.

So me and Adam was watching the Ah! My Goddess movie about two weeks
ago, i.e.  two weeks before final exams (how we managed to have the
time and a copy of the movie before it was released is not of interest
here).  Anyways it was a very good movie, and it must have been one of
the cool CG moments when Adam exclaimed "belldandy.c!"  My response to
that random comment was "sure, why not?"  And there you have it :)

-- -