Archive comment file 9.0 (1999-10-23)

Integer expression evaluator.

This program evaluates signed integer expressions from command line.

   Integer literals: decimal or hexadecimal prefixed with "0x"
   Operators: ( ) - ~ * % / + - & ^ |, precedence in the order listed.
   You should enclose expression in quotes to prevent weird things
   from happening.

   There are three cases: if the program just says "baka", then you
   didn't give it an expression.  If program prints an expression and
   then says "baka", then your expression resulted in divide by zero.
   If program prints an expression and a number, the number is the
   result of the expression provided that there were no overflows
   (which are silently ignored).

For MSVC++ 6.0, MSC6.0, TC3.0, and CC on Sun Solaris:
   comment9.c compiles and runs just fine.
For DJGPP 2.8.1, gcc 2.8.0 on HPUX, gcc 2.8.1 on Sun Solaris (and
probably every other compilers too):
   c9-gcc.c compiles and runs just file.  (otherwise try gcc -trigraphs)

The lower case version of the source is included as c9-lower.c, if it
looks any better to you :)

Template based on Ruri Hoshino from Nadesico ^_^

-- -