CSE 167 final project (2000-06-08)

OpenGL rollercoaster.

From the easiest upper division CS class I have ever taken, comes a
project that I actually play with from time to time (as opposed to a
Oberon-2 compiler that took me 22 weeks to write, and was used only 2
days).  I thought this program was fun enough to share with you all :)

Once started, right click in windows for menu, left/middle clicks does
some other stuff depending on the state of the program.  Shouldn't be
too hard to figure out.  If you need a manual, read the source...

Well, it used to work pretty good, but these days the linux version
tend to crash whenever you click something :P  Source is more or less
rotten beyond repair.  I am keeping this archive for historical
purposes only ^_^;;

-- -