El (2003-06-08)

OpenGL dancing blob.

El runs without arguments, press Q or X to exit.

My little OpenGL demo ^_^;;  It's meant to be ran while listening to
"Shiawase Hiyori" (Happy World ending song, hence the project name "El")

Various people have commented how it looks like Poring from Ragnarok
Online, but actually the shape and eyes are different.  I thought
about making it look like Porings, but well, too much work and too
little time.

Same goes with shadows and abstract looking objects -- things aren't
looking better because it takes too much work for just a casual
project.  I like it simple as it is anyways ;)


Q: Does it run in Linux?
A: It does, use supplied Makefile to build.
   Note that due to GLX driver issues, it probably will run slower and
   look worse than the Windows version.

Q: Does it require GLUT?
A: Linux version does, Windows version doesn't.
   GLUT version of the source will compile for both Linux and Windows.

Q: How did you draw the outline?
A: Draw the same object slightly bigger and reverse culling face.

Q: How did you draw the background?
A: Assign vertex colors to a smooth shaded quad.

Q: Are the sun/floor texture maps?
A: Nothing is textured.

... hope you like it ^_^;

-- -