Ichijou (2006-06-25)

Phonetic alphabet filter.

Ichijou reads characters from stdin and outputs the corresponding
phonetic words to stdout.  For example:

   % echo abc123 | ./ichijou
   alpha bravo charlie 123

This allows stream of English letters to be transmitted unambiguously
by voice.  The alphabet used is the NATO phonetic alphabet, ANSI
variant ("alpha" and "juliet" instead of "alfa" and "juliett").

The reverse operation is a bit troublesome to implement in C, so it's
done with Perl:

   % echo "alpha bravo charlie 123" | perl ichijou.c

Actually it's not too hard to implement both the forward and reverse
filter in any language, but just for fun, it was done in both C and
Perl, without using any semicolons ^_^;

Template based on Ichijou-san from Paniponi.

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