Hisui / Kohaku (2005-12-03)

Mandelbrot set / Julia set renderer.

Runs without arguments, renders plain text output to stdout.  Tested
with Guile 1.6.7 and SCM 5d9, other Scheme interpreters should also

This was my experiment with the Scheme programming language.  Because
Mandelbrot sets and Julia sets are very similar, I basically wrote the
same program twice, but using slightly different techniques (defines
for Hisui and let/lambda for Kohaku).  For kicks, I also wrote them in
few other languages to see how they compare, and Scheme turns out to
be more elegant than most of them.  A pretty fun language as languages
go ^_^;

Win32 binaries are included for those who don't have interpreters or
compilers in any of the languages.  These were compiled from the C
versions of the programs.

Template based on Hisui and Kohaku from Tsukihime.

-- -