Yomiko (2002-03-24)

OpenGL paper graphics.

Yomiko runs without arguments.  Typically she comes up in a 300x300
resizable window near top left of your screen, but you can override
through command line arguments, e.g. "yomiko -geometry 640x480+80+60"
for 640 by 480 window, near (80, 60).

At times, the polygons may appear to be too dark due to lighting
angle.  There are various things that one can do to improve
visibility, simplest of which is to just set the clear color to
(1,1,1,1).  More CPU consuming options include adding a backlight...
all those are left as exercises for the reader ;)

Template based on Yomiko Readman from "Read or Die" OAV, which has got
to be the best anime I have seen in a long time... Everything I wanted
is there -- smooth action, interesting story, good music, and (most
important) cute looking main female character with good voice.

This program simulates Yomiko's ability to manipulate paper with
OpenGL / GLUT graphics, but doesn't do enough justice to show how cool
she really is.  Watch the OAV and you will understand...

-- -