Yoshino (2014-07-18)

Three part multiquine.

Yoshino is a quine with 3 variations.  The variations are selected
depending on which compiler is used.  For GCC users:

   gcc -std=c90 yoshino.c -o yoshino
   g++ -std=c++98 yoshino.c -o yoshinon
   g++ -std=c++0x yoshino.c -o zadkiel

For Clang users:

   clang -x c -std=c90 yoshino.c -o yoshino
   clang -x c++ -std=c++98 yoshino.c -o yoshinon
   clang -x c++ -std=c++11 yoshino.c -o zadkiel

Output of these programs all work the same way:

   ./yoshino > yoshino.c
   ./yoshinon > yoshinon.c
   ./zadkiel > zadkiel.c

   gcc -std=c90 yoshinon.c -o yoshino
   g++ -std=c++98 yoshinon.c -o yoshinon
   g++ -std=c++0x yoshinon.c -o zadkiel

   gcc -std=c90 zadkiel.c -o yoshino
   g++ -std=c++98 zadkiel.c -o yoshinon
   g++ -std=c++0x zadkiel.c -o zadkiel

Yoshino requires GCC 4.5 or Clang 3.0 (or newer versions of these
compilers) due to the use of a particular C++11 feature.  Older
compilers should still compile the programs without warnings, but they
can't tell Yoshinon and Zadkiel apart.

C++ is a stronger and more comical version of C, and C++11 is an
even stronger and scarier version of C++.

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