ef - a tale of memories 2023-03-27

Two tales on two different unusual perspectives of memories.

It's good, it's bad, and it's ugly. The two tales are made up two sets of characters, one set consisting of a common indecisive protagonist with two very annoying heroines going after him (this is the bad part), the other set with two strong willed hero and heroine (this is the good part). Animated to the usual SHAFT style -- that is, it's lacking in many parts (like Hidamari Sketch, but not as bad) and overly stylish in other parts (like Pani Poni Dash, but not as good). The end result is that it's very annoying to watch (this is the ugly part). I think SHAFT is following Gainax's ways in trying to insult the audience.

The saving grace of this series is Maki Izumi's voice (strong personal bias on my part, of course), and the story that went along with it is also interesting and novel. The few well animated parts are really well animated, and the ever changing ending sequence are somewhat refreshing. But given the time, I would recommend the original games instead, or perhaps the manga versions.

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