Hoshi no Koe 2023-03-27

Thoughts will reach each other faster than speed of light.

A girl has been assigned to fight for the earth's defense force, far away from earth.

I don't know if it's right to label this as "doujin OAV"... none of the staff are familiar to me, and MangaZoo appears to be a group of doujin artists. Still, you can't tell since the work is so polished and the CG is so professionally done. It's definitely better than some of the commercial works that I have seen ;)

I think what's most interesting about this anime is the time/space thing... In most anime where there are some long distances communications, the messages inevitably come through immediately, and any dialog will work out in real time. Here, messages between planets 8 light years apart really take 8 years. It was quite an interesting and unfamiliar concept, and this anime played it out really well.

I was very impressed :)

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