Hourou Musuko 2023-03-27

Adolescent psychology.

Drama about a boy's gender identity. The story followed the manga fairly closely, mostly starting from volume 5 and ending exactly where volume 10 ended. The art style also tried to imitate the faint style of the original, to great success. Finally, absolutely true to the original, nothing major really happened, all the exciting bits are in the mentality of the characters. And the characters appears to be a fair sample of selfish kids in puberty.

It's hard to say whether this series is worth watching or not. On one hand, it is quite different from many other series, and both the art and music were quite nice. On the other hand, it's hard to find any of the characters particularly likeable, even though they are slightly more pleasant in the anime compared to the original manga. To those who preserved in following the manga, the anime will not disappoint. To everyone else, missing this series might not feel like a big loss.

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