Gema (12/02/01)

ANSI compliance test for compilers.

Gema writes ASCII art of Dejiko or Puchiko to stdout, depending on
your compiler.  If it's fully ANSI compliant (e.g. 'gcc -ansi'), it
writes Dejiko.  Otherwise (e.g. msvc++), it writes Puchiko.  The
images are stored using LZW compression with huffman encoded literal

gema.c marks my second IOCCC entry for 2001.  Immediately I know I
will not win the best layout category :P  No matter how I look at it,
it's one ugly blob of code, rushed just before the deadline.  It never
occurred to me that the code would look better if the template was
inverted, until the next day :P Thus you have gema.c, the inverted
code, and gema.entry.c, the blob that was entered.

Oh well, this ansi/non-ansi hole will probably be exploited better in
the future :)

Gema, Dejiko and Puchiko are characters from DiGi Charat, by Broccoli.
The reason why I had Gema was because the output were Dejiko and
Puchiko, of course.  My friend thought it was from Gemini, the
astrological sign of the twins.  It is surprisingly fitting for this
program, but the similarity was purely coincidental ^_^;;