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Last updated: 2008-05-13
(TCP) Share version EX2 = e3ebc4e73fb2ce8ed5e3904a82067715be0dd4fd : locale . hint . readme . info
(UDP) Share version NT5 = 3792d45b9bfd1a1cd00fa2b376296fc230932e50 : locale . hint . readme . info

This page is meant to help people get started with Share, a file sharing program similar to Winny.

If you already figured out Winny then Share should be just as easy to use, especially since it supports localization of the UI natively (using files at the top of this page).



  1. News
  2. Getting started
  3. Upgrading Share
  4. FAQ
  5. Links

0. News

1. Getting started

  1. Download the zip archive, extract (see links).
  2. Replace locale.txt and hint.txt with the translated version (select one matching your client version, please use links at the top of this page).
  3. Configure network settings (Options menu -> general settings). The port needs to be a nonzero number (which you forward on your firewall/router, if you have one). For UDP, you will also need to set the packet size, but usually safe to leave it at the default value.
  4. Configure cluster keywords (Options menu -> clusters). Add keywords to the list and check the checkbox (cluster keywords categorizes the things you are looking for, for example "アニメ" or "一般コミック").
  5. Add nodes to connect to (Nodes tab -> add nodes button). See the links for node lists. TCP clients currently have versions with "A" prefix, UDP clients currently have versions with "NT" prefix.
  6. Add folders (Folders tab -> add folder button). You should add one folder of each type (upload/download/cache).
  7. Restart Share. Seems like you will be able to get search results without restarting, but you will not be able to download anything.

2. Upgrading Share

  1. Using Share, download archive of the new version with the ID ファイル倉庫NT56s0tGbv
  2. Extract contents of the archive to Share's directory, be sure to replace all files. Keep the TCP and UDP directories separate! If you are upgrading from one version to the other, it's safer to have them use separate directories and configuration files instead of sharing them.
  3. Get upgraded translations from this page (see links at the top).
  4. Restart Share after replacing locale.txt

For people who have been upgrading using archives not from ファイル倉庫NT56s0tGbv, be sure to check the integrity of share.exe itself:


Recent changes:


Recent changes:

3. FAQ

FAQ for this guide:

Share (tentative name)?

As of A75, the program is no longer called "Share(仮称)"... seems like the name is no longer tentative, thus it will be dropped from this guide also.

Share UDP?

As of 2005-02-23, there is now an UDP version of Share being developed and tested in parallel with the TCP version. Looks like this could become the main version of Share in the future... the old contents that used to be on a separate page has been merged into this page on 2005-03-30.

I am not downloading anything?

If you are running Share for the first time, try restart the program.
... otherwise, the same patience for Winny holds for Share.

I can't use Share behind a firewall or router?

Most people with any sort of Share / Winny problems had to do with their firewall / router settings. Try tweaking those, or choose different ports.
Share does not have features similar to Winny's port0 option, so if you have no control over your firewall or router, you can't use Share.

Share keeps on disconnecting!

Check your firewall / router if it disconnects immediately.
Check your system clock (and daylight saving time settings) if it disconnects after a while.
There has been rumors or conspiracy theories that Share will selectively disconnect nodes based on geographic location or amount of files you share (more likely using an external utility rather than Share itself). Because Share relays traffic, the network is usable as long as you are able to connect to some node. There may be some intentional disconnecting going on, but it does not seem to have noticeable effects on the network as a whole.

UI translations look strange?

If your version of Share is higher than that listed at the top of this page, then I am behind on the translations, please be patient (~24 hours from release). If you are behind my version then please upgrade ^_^;
If the versions match, then I may have mistranslated something, please send email. If I haven't responded to your mail in a few days, it's probably because it got filtered as spam, sending from a different address might help.

What should I set my cluster keywords to?

Two strategies seem common: either set them to be a substring of the things you are looking for, or a generic word that covers the genre. Setting the right clusters will help you return more search results, but may or may not make downloading any faster.
There are also plugins like ClusterWordCollector that will help you systematically find popular cluster words. There doesn't seem to be "magic" clusters like what was in Winny.

How does priority/order work?

"Order" is your position in someone else's queue. When that number reaches 1, it means the file is ready to be sent to you, if you have free download connections. In case where multiple files have Order 1, Share will try to download one with lower "Priority" first.

How do I increase number of download connections?

Try setting a higher download speed in the configurations.

What are all those files in Share's directory? Which ones do I need?

If you have just started using Share, all you need are these files: share.exe, locale.txt, hint.txt. Share will generate the other files as needed.
If you have already used Share for a while and want to clean up some files, note that it is probably a bad idea, as it can make Share unusable and you can lose all your cache. Please check the file list.

How do I change the font?

You need to add lines to your Share.ini, please read readme.txt (tcp, udp).
As of A82 and NT5, this seems to be configurable through editing locale.txt.

My cache directory keeps on growing and I am not even downloading anything?

You are accepting diffuse uploads from your peers. Share does this a lot more often than Winny, and it's hard to prevent it unless you have really clever filters.

Should I give up Winny?

The last official version of Winny from Kaneko has various known bugs, and he can't fix them because of legal issues, so if you are still using that, give it up now. It's not safe.
There has been unofficial versions of Winny ("Winnyp"), author of which goes by the handlename "lark". This version is relatively more fresh and could still be an useful tool to use in parallel with Share.

Should I give up Share?

The protocol for Share EX2 has been reverse engineered just like last official versions of Winny, so it's reasonable to view the Share network as no longer completely anonymous, depending on how careful/paranoid you are.
Bottom line is, if you are using P2P applications only for their fault-tolerant file sharing features, both Share and Winny are still fine applications for that purpose. If you need the security features for other reasons, please consider your requirements, and the regulatory rules set by your country or your service provider, and decide if Share is sufficient for your purpose before use.

Hey, there is this other P2P program...

I know next to nothing about those and have nothing to do with them ^_^; And really, I don't have the time and space to try new programs, please seek help elsewhere.

Known IDs related to Share:

ファイル倉庫NT56s0tGbv = Village chief (official Share updates will come from this ID)
せりか0O20004ID3 = My ID ^_^;

Delφ初心者LtekRyCThD = Plugin author
PalepoliO9222u1Ae0 = Plugin author
YigRNcLyXRfsa = Plugin author
Tester(仮OG4jhwwqrj = Plugin author
ぷらぐいん工房Yr3w8Iztfa = Plugin author
還音棺vv5D7P2jZT = Plugin author
歯医者TdQJ4kiwXX = Plugin author
人柱JReGgbNn6a = Plugin author

This is not really a guide, is it?

Not really, my focus is on translating locale.txt and readme.txt. Most people I know have used Winny before and could figure out Share with minimal effort...
Quirks related to Share are now at a separate page. See links for other information.

FAQ from 2ch threads:


There are people recommending me to delete my cache?

Ignore them. Deleting cache files manually also induces other errors.

What do I gain when the points increase?

It will be more advantageous for your downloads, when a new version re-enables the point system (as of A67c it's no longer in effect, and as of A75 it's only visible in the Info tab).

I get file open errors?

Check your folder paths and quota settings.

I got file IO errors and can't download anything.

First check the folders' quota size.
Then check your file system, FAT file systems can't hold files larger than 4GB. Also if download folder is on a network drive (e.g. Linux Samba server), then remote file system rules may apply (shorter file names, directory depths, etc.)

Quota settings?

First enable quota (settings -> basic settings -> Enable quota)
Set Clear limit / Active clear limit (amount cleared on each cleanup / amount of empty space reserved for the drive).
Also set the folder's quota amount for maximum limit

What is the ID of the author?



SHA-1 of the file (it was MD5 for Winny).

How do I prevent Share from downloading illegal files?

Use filters.

I get a countdown of time to live?

Upgrade your version of Share.

The countdown doesn't start but a new version connected?

Upgrade in this case also.


Extra functionalities written by users.

I see texts like "MsgNeedSetConfig" after upgrading Share?

Need to also replace locale.txt

I misnamed a file that I was uploading, how do I change it?

Change the name and ID from your cache and DB.

Share's developer is 村長 (sonchou = village chief), right?

Doesn't seem like it, but until an official announcement, that's the developer/author.

How do I delete cache files?

To delete cache file as of A76: select in query screen, press ctrl+del.

What are DBs? How do I erase them?

DB = Data Base. Used to reconstruct or restore your cache (they keep name/size/hash of files but not the actual content).
Select in query screen, press shift+del to remove.

There are two different color IDs, how do they differ?

RSA signed IDs are the two colored ones (nickname + trip) and are more secure.
Blue ones are weaker IDs used by Winny.

Files are colored differently in the queries?

Orange ones are more complete (more people have them in their cache), compared to the white ones.
Red files are marked as fake.

Share exited due to "time check error".

Your system clock is not within 1 hour of real time.

"Runtime error" or "existing object error"

RPC service and Protected Storage service need to be started.

The countdown reached 0 and I still can't download a new version of Share!!

Don't panic and restart Share.

What are "edit folders" or "quotas"?

Sets the disk usage limit (if you have more than 10GB of space).
If you have less than 100MB free, cache is cleaned automatically.
Files associated with triggers won't be cleared from cache.

I can't search with just one character?

No, but try adding file extension.

Can I edit the search history?

Right click in the upper-left part (around the query box) for a popup menu.

I have lots of triggers and it's hard to get files, even the orange ones.

When the priority is too low, you get key loss error. Also, efficiency is decreased when the number of triggers increased.

Will I get more downloads if I set a false upload speed value?

It will become more inefficient due to fragmentation. Please specify the correct speed. (As of A70, there seem to be a speed check in place to measure your actual upload speeds).

How do I increase the number of download connections?

It's increased when your upload increases, just like Winny. The ratio is unknown, though. Note that the limit is also constrained to how much you set your download bandwidth to be, simply increasing that may give you more download connections.

Speed won't go over a certain limit.

It will not go past the "max upstream" and "max downstream" rates, and also the WAN limits.

I heard Share doesn't transfer? (as in it doesn't act like an intermediary node between source/destination)

All nodes will act as intermediary nodes for even unrelated contents

What is "quote all"?

Treat everything in quotes as a single keyword.

Can I use the same special cluster keywords used in Winny?

Try something like TESTER_WORKS first, then copy keywords from queries you see in the nodes tab.

I get errors when I exit?

Press disconnect button before exiting.

What are virtual networks?

Network with virtual addresses and packet relays made up of short-distance traffic.


Everything is uploaded in pieces when they are spread the first time around, so it's more difficult than Winny to discern the original source.
It will be improved more once the developer's virtual network is realized.
"It's the same as Winny, only that the author is not arrested. When everyone cross the red lights together it's nothing to be afraid of."

4. Links

Disclaimer: Information here might not be accurate or useful... If you find any errors or wish to contribute to this document in any way, please send mail to

Let's use Share sociably, ne? ^_^;

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