Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika The Movie Rebellion 2023-03-27

Unexpected continuation of the Madoka series.

This is a continuation of the first two movies (which were faithful summaries of the TV series). Given that the original series were pretty much perfect in every aspect, many people predicted that this new movie can only fail. On seeing the actual end product: the music and visuals were still the same high quality as before (done with a movie budget, no less), but the story will surely have the audience divided. Some people will like it, some people will not like it at all. Some people will like everything just before the twist ending, and this third group of people is most telling: besides the high quality animation and music, this movie maintains that sense of suspense from the original TV series. What happens in the next scene is never quite what you expected.

Overall, the production quality is great, and the plot was carefully done if not controversially so. The writer definitely took a risky shot in the last turn. Everyone should still watch this movie knowing that not everything might go the way they expected, although that's possibly why this movie was so great. Some of those stunned viewers will definitely find it compelling to watch this movie again.

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