Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika movie 2023-03-07

High quality recap.

This a recap of the original TV series. There are no new story elements, and very little of the original content was cut. Watching these movies is very much like watching the TV series all at once, viewers get to experience the angst that was previously spread over a few months all in 4 hours.

Despite the concentrated angst, the movies are still worth watching: there are lots of new and improved visuals, notably in the transformation sequences. There are some new details that I especially liked, including how Madoka wipes the blood off of Homura's face. Also, some of the background music have been changed. The new background music is a mixed positive and negative experience, in some scenes it didn't work as well as the original, although the new opening and ending songs were definitely positive.

The most compelling reason to watch these movies is the preview at the end of the second movie...

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